Our aim is to bridge the gap between Design and Construction for optimal efficiency and cost optimization. This is successfully achieved through our understanding of the current telco industry pinpoints.

The Skycomms teams include an end  to end in house delivery capability that enables us to provide the following value-add services to boost project delivery:

  1. End to end design and construction services – No Gap
  2. Engineering design services with TRUE buildability review conducted by in-house build professionals.
  3. Early involvement in other vendors’ design to assist Design Development for all sites to be constructed by Skycomms.

RF Design & EME Compliance Team

SkyComms is fully capable to provide end to end RF design & EME compliance services with RF design & EME compliance Team members that are highly skilled with;

  • Multiple carrier/vendor experiences
  • Design Team experienced in conducting coverage/capacity analysis with reporting for customer needs
  • Work closely to provide the best possible design solutions for EME challenge sites
  • Have expert publishing skills in 3D preliminary RF Drawing by using IXUS 3D modeling
  • Streamlining process between RF/EME/SAED/Design/build when it comes to structural or EME compliance issue with step back & mitigations proposal
  • NO GAP communication for phase 3 build/deployment team to reach out RF when they face building issues based on construction drawings.