SkyComms RF design/EME compliance team has in-depth industry knowledge through multi-vendor/supplier experiences. With the completion of more than 1,000 Greenfields and 2,000 upgrades/RANCAP national wide, our teams understand what customer’s requirements are and achieve them with efficiency and effectiveness.

Our teams are  highly skilled and proficient in RF design/EME compliance services on the critical path during SAED phase including;

  • Coverage assessment & Capacity analysis
  • Optimal RF design Solutions with detailed plumbing diagram supplied
  • EME safety solutions and risk management
  • EME predictions
  • Near field point of interest (NFPOI) site design visit
  • ACMA assessment and registration
  • RFNSA STAD update, Environmental EME Report, and EME compliance audit.

In addition, our teams also have in-house expertise in;

  • Publishing 3D preliminary RF EME drawings by using IXUS 3D modelling,
  • Identifying non-compliant issues,
  • Delivering best possible design solutions and control measures for SAED/EME challenging sites.