Every project is different and our teams start through a consultation process where we allocate time firstly toward understanding your key objectives. From here, we continue through our consultation process and start planning. Our aim is to always minimise risk and optimise projects, whether they are property, planning, design, build or maintenance programs.

With extensive experience in the telecommunications industry, our teams are uniquely specialised to manage the project through its entire life cycle of planning, approvals, funding, and delivery.

SkyComms specialise specifically in;

  • identifying key customer initiatives
  • engaging with stakeholder teams,
  • managing the change process,
  • developing project controls,
  • identifying and managing risk,
  • managing design & construction,
  • and, completing the handover process.

All project accountability is maintained at the director level. With the scope of projects we manage, we ensure our senior management are involved across each stage, controlling the delivery and overseeing customised teams tailored for each project and client.

Continual upskilling of skill sets and best practice is at the core of our success. Our project teams have PMI accreditation and follow PMI best practice, making sure we deliver on customer objectives within agreed time and cost parameters, and constantly assessing the budget and value for money at every stage, which in turn delivers the best outcomes for our clients.

One of our company goals is to ensure on-time and clean projects. To deliver this, our teams utilise  ‘Site Tracker’, the only full life-cycle tracker platform to deliver timely outcomes.