Engineering & Design


Skycomms has its engineering supplier network across Australia that allows our engineering services to be highly scalable and efficient to cater to any project needs.

Our offerings are complete one-stop site engineering design services that are underpinned by robust engineering management methodologies. These are seamlessly integrated with Total Quality Management System with a strong focus on Safety in Design and Buildability.

Our design and engineering team includes highly experienced Telecommunication, Civil, Structural and Electrical engineering industry professionals who have worked for all major telco carriers’ projects in Australia including Telstra, Optus, VHA/TPG.

With extensive experience in Greenfield and Upgrade design experience for all the below site types our teams are well vised in the specific engineering and certification requirements for:

  • Tower Structures: Monopoles, Lattice towers, Guyed masts, Light poles, HV Towers
  • Building Structures: Rooftops, Water tanks, Silos, Signages, Shroud
  • SmallCellLow impact enclosures, Roadside furniture
  • Innovative Solutions: Tubestar, Off-Grid solar solutions